Arise! Shine! Be Encouraged - Devotionals for Christians in the Workplace
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Chapter 1: God's Nature, His Word and His Promises

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1. For God So Loved the World (God Is Love)
2. Remind Me Again (God's Love and Forgiveness)
3. Against All Hope (God Is Faithful to Fulfill His Promises)
4. A God of All, Not Some (God Is Your Source)
5. Built to Last (God's Word Is Eternal)
6. Build Your Life on Solid Rock (God's Word Is True)
7. Add to Your "Must Read" List (Where Do You Get Your Truth?)
8. To Him Who Is Able (I Am a Child of God)
9. But If It Dies (God's Law of Seedtime and Harvest)
10. Are Your Servants Waiting on You? (Angels Sent from God)
11. Lack Follows Separation (God's Way Is Abundance)
12. We Can Certainly Do It (Believe in and Trust God's Promises)
13. You Have Said It Yourself (Spoken Words Lead to Our Destiny)
14. Do You Want Milk or Meat? (The Believer's Daily Diet)
15. Are You Spiritually Fit? (The Need for Spiritual Training)
16. Are You Wise or Foolish? (Benefits of Reading God's Word)
17. Are You a Good Student? (Be Diligent as You Study God's Word)
18. Desires of Your Heart (Treat Everyday Like Christmas)
19. Do You Worship God or Money? (Your Calendar and Checkbook)
20. God's Glory Moved Across the Room (A Cloud of Glory)
21. Ask God to Trouble Your Trouble (God is Your Help and Protection)
22. Pray for a Big Belly (Filled with Living Water)

Chapter 2: Marriage and Family are God's Building Blocks

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1. Get Up and Leave (God, Marriage, Family and Work)
2. A Good Wife (The Importance of Marriage and Family)
3. A Perfect Sanctuary (Peace in Our House)
4. God Is My Witness (The Power of Testimony and Agreement)
5. Adam's First Sin Was a Failure to Lead (Crisis of Leadership)
6. God Made Wives to be Coaches and Mentors (A Perfect Helper)

Chapter 3: Jesus, Full of Grace and Truth

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1. God with Us (Jesus Is Alive)
2. Forget Facebook! (Say Yes, Like and Connect with Jesus)
3. Earnestly Desired (Jesus' Desire to Hang Out and Share a Meal)
4. Blood Rights (Understanding Your Inheritance)
5. Do You Need a Trailblazer? (Let Jesus Lead the Way)
6. You Have a Personal Agent (A Divine Mediator)
7. Jesus Calls Me Friend (He Really Likes Me)
8. All Are One (Can You See Him in Me?)
9. Do You Carry His Initials? (You Are Custom Made by Jesus)
10. Remain, Remain, Remain (Listen and Stay Close)
11. Calling All Sick Sinners (Jesus Makes House Calls)
12. Even Demons Know Jesus (Jesus Is Real)
13. The Gift of Peace (Life with Jesus)
14. Just Believe (The Power of Believing)
15. Heirs of God (Co-Heirs with Christ to All of God's Promises)
16. We Are More Than Conquerors (Victory in Every Situation)
17. A Public Spectacle (The Cross Changed Everything)
18. Bubbling Over (Filled with Hope)
19. Forget the Personal Bodyguard (Jesus Is Your Protection)
20. Driving Up Jesus Christ Parkway (Following Jesus)
21. A Bond Servant of Jesus Christ (Damascus Road Experience)
22. A Peace Only His Blood Can Purchase (The Gift Like No Other)
23. A Way Out (Christ Is Our Escape)
24. Are You a Name Dropper? (You Can Call on the Name of Jesus)
25. Are You Feeling Weary or Faint? (Give Jesus the Extra Weight)
26. Being Fully Persuaded (Refuse to Stagger in Unbelief)
27. Forget American Express (God's Grace Is All You Need)
28. The Door to Abundant Life (Jesus' Promise to Every Believer)
29. A Prayer of Protection (Divine Favor and Intervention)
30. Bathing Under God's Faucet of Grace (Grace Every Morning)
31. Wise and Full of the Spirit (The Grace to Serve)
32. Jesus Talked to God on Your Behalf (Jesus Prayed for You and Me)

Chapter 4: Rule and Reign in Divine Author ity

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1. Faith Comes (Origin of Faith)
2. Get Your Mind Right (Set the Thermostat of Your Mind)
3. Are You Willing to Learn? (Prerequisites for Change)
4. Heaven's Seesaw (God Uses Play to Teach Us about Life)
5. Are You Real or Counterfeit? (Commit to Authenticity)
6. Imitate and Copy at Will (Choose to be Like Jesus)
7. Going to Church or Masquerade Ball? (Be Genuine)
8. A New Life on Monday (Let Go of the Old You)
9. I Gave You Milk (Are You Chewing on God's Word?)
10. Your Words Lead to Guilt or Innocence (Talking Has Consequences)
11. Walking in the Spirit of the Lord (God's Power and Anointing)
12. Be Encouraged (In the Midst of Despair Turn to the Lord)
13. Faith Supports Your Spiritual Immune System (Get Healthy)
14. Clothed with Power (Walking in the Spirit)
15. Lord, Help Me to be Fat and Happy! (Thick with His Power)
16. Your Tongue Is a Divine Instrument (Speak Blessings Not Curses)
17. Will You Give the Extra Effort? (Persistence Pays Off)
18. You Are God's Flashlight? (How Bright Is Your Light?)
19. Are You Driven or Directed? (Self-Effort vs Spirit-Led)
20. Faith Is Spelled CONFIDENCE (Your Personal Guarantee)
21. Is It Time for a Name Change? (Faith vs Doubt and Unbelief)

Chapter 5: Your Divine Calling and Purpose

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1. Calling or Career? (Calling Trumps Career)
2. Find Your Passion (Pursue the Dreams God Has Given You)
3. Knowing God's Call on Your Life (First Who and then How)
4. From Tagline to Life's Mission (Passion, Faith and Boldness)
5. A Prophet Is Not without Honor (Their Unbelief)
6. Will You Give Up Sleep for Jesus? (Get Up, This Is Important!)
7. Transitions Call for Spiritual Shepherds (A Higher Stage of Calling)
8. Lessons on Work from a Father (Calling and Purpose)
9. Are You an "At Once" Believer? (Answering the Call)
10. A New Model for Coaching (Called to Speak the Truth in Love)
11. A Man Carrying a Jar of Water (No Small Tasks)
12. Are You Made from Good Clay? (Yield to the Master Potter)
13. Divine Appointments (What Is Your Calling?)
14. Come and See (Refuse to Listen to Doubters and Haters)
15. You Will Become a Different Person (God Has a New You in Mind)
16. Knowing When (God's Will and His Perfect Timing)
17. 300 Men Blowing Trumpets (Trust God Even in Foolish Things)
18. Have You Washed Any Feet Lately? (We Need Servant Leaders)
19. Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening (Learning to Be Still)
20. Before You Were Born I Set You Apart (Knowing What Not How)
21. He Chose Twelve (Have You Been Chosen?)

Chapter 6: Satan, Demons and Spiritual Warfare

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1. Soldiers Telling War Stories (Satan Falls from Heaven)
2. What Business Do We Have with You? (Satan's Enemy)
3. Back Off Satan! (Be Clear Who Is Talking to You)
4. Window of Opportunity (Beware the Thief)
5. Satan Is Crushed Under My Feet (Rescued by Jesus)
6. Serpents, Scorpions and Satan (No Fear Here)
7. Wrestling in Prayer (Zealous and Persistent Prayer)
8. Violent Faith (Be Bold, Get Up and Fight)
Chapter 7: Loving God and Seeking His Presence

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1. An Act of Worship (Give Your Heart and Treasures to God)
2. Where Are the Other Nine? (Don't Forget to Give God Praise)
3. Everything I Have Is Yours (Repentance and a Father's Love)
4. Do You Really Love Me? (Saying It Is Not Enough)
5. I Am Isaac Not Ishmael (Child of Promise)
6. Hosea and Gomer, God's Love Story (God's Love and Faithfulness)
7. Is Your Peace Tied to Money? (Find Perfect Peace in Jesus)
8. Because You Belong to God (Listen to Your Father's Voice)
9. A Cause for Celebration (A Prodigal Son Comes Home)
10. Fathers and Sons Must Walk Together (A Model of Faith and Trust)
11. Is God a Reality in Your Work Life? (Do You Take God to Work?)
12. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Run Back into His Arms)

Chapter Eight: Loving and Serving Others

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1. A Simple Leadership Test (Will You Put Others First?)
2. Give the Advantage to Others (Live in Covenant and Put Others First)
3. The Real Thing (Love, the Secret Ingredient)
4. Forget the Lawyers (Love God and Love Others)
5. Wanted: "Real Men" (Stand Strong and Walk in Love)
6. Refresh the Hearts of Others (Lift Others Up by Walking in Love)
7. Are You Loving and Christ-Like? (Christ Will Draw Others to You)
8. Blessed to Be a Blessing (Giving to Others Pleases God)
9. Servant Leaders Go to the End of the Line (First Must Become Last)
10. The Privilege of Giving (Give Joyfully)
11. Have I Become Your Enemy? (Responding to the Truth)
12. Cherished Often Means Corrected (The Need for Tough Love)
13. Blessed by the Lord and Left in Peace (Resolving Conflict)
14. How Long Do I Have to Put Up with You? (Control Your Emotions)
15. A Holy Kiss (Interacting with Fellow Christians)
16. A Peculiar People (Stand Out from the Crowd)
17. How Bright Is Your Light? (Be a Light in the Darkness)
18. Be an Example (Serve as a Role Model)
19. Do You Produce Good Fruit? (The Ultimate Test of Every Leader)
20. The Cost of Unforgiveness (Walk in Love)
21. Judas was No Surprise (Forgiveness in the Face of Betrayal)

Chapter Nine: Miracles, Healing and Deliverance

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1. I Am the Resurrection (Die to Self and Live)
2. This Mummy Is No Horror Story (Jesus Raises the Dead)
3. A Divine Facelift (Jesus Gives Makeovers)
4. A 2-Piece Fish Meal and a Miracle (Keep Your Eyes on Jesus)
5. Faith in the Master Physician (Healing and Deliverance)
6. Be Loosed and Set Free (Jesus Will Set You Free)
7. Access Granted (Hear God's Voice and Simply Believe)
8. Jesus Christ Supernatural Superglue (Mend Your Broken Parts)
9. Begging for a Simple Touch (Divine Healing)

Chapter 10: Humility, Obedience and Faithfulness

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1. A Servant for the Lord (Are You Faithful and Dedicated?)
2. Who Is Operating Your Controls? (Submission and Surrender)
3. Jesus Followed Orders (Love-Based Obedience)
4. Above Reproach (Held to a Higher Standard)
5. Will You Do Exactly What You're Told? (Jesus Followed Orders)
6. Are You a Deserter or Faithful Follower? (Do Not Quit)
7. Ask God to Be Your Master Gardener (Pruning Is a Necessity)
8. Pride and Arrogance (Satan's Calling Cards)

Chapter 11: Pride, Selfishness, Rebellion and Disobedience

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1. Forget Drano (Are Your Pipes Clogged?)
2. The Perverted Mind of a Willful Rebel (A Hardened Heart)
3. Close Encounters with a Whale (Cost of Disobedience)
4. Are You a Sheep or a Goat? (Do You Follow or Wander Off?)
5. Rebellion in the Ranks (Rebellion and Resistance)
6. Spiritual Blindness (Blindness of the Heart)
7. A Single Act of Rebellion (Living Under Jesus' Rules)
8. Are You Ready to Obey and Submit? (Overcome Strongholds)
9. Do You Break all the Rules? (Vision and Teams)

Chapter 12: Temptation and Divine Destiny

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1. My Grief Is Almost Killing Me (Victory over Depression)
2. Heaven's Escape Artist (God Makes a Way Out)
3. Everyone Deserted Him and Fled (The Pain of Betrayal)
4. A Liar and a Thief (Beware of the "Kiss of Death")

Chapter 13: Stand Firm in the Face of Adversity

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1. Lessons from the Classroom of Adversity (Let God Lead You)
2. The Secret to Peace (Overcoming Adversity)
3. A Willing Spirit (Good Intentions Are Not Enough)
4. Down, But Never Out (I Am Ready for a Fight)
5. Do You Have Walk-on-Water Faith? (No Fear Here)
6. A Thorn to Keep Me Humble (Pain Serves a Purpose)
7. Joy at the Finish Line (Refuse to Give Up, Cave In or Quit)
8. A Foolish Thing (Counting vs. Trusting)
9. You of Little Faith (Giving In to Fear)
10. A Moment of Truth (Letting Go of Hurt and Disappointment)
11. Job Search Is a Journey in the Wilderness (Trust God)

Chapter 14: Faith and Work

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1. God Created the First Start Up (Heaven and Earth)
2. Business God's Way (Supernatural Manifestation)
3. God Created Contracts (Covenants and Faithfulness)
4. Working "God's List" (First Things FIRST)
5. Are Visitors Welcome? (Do You Take God to Work?)
6. The Greatest Recruiting Drive in History (Say Yes to Jesus)
7. Ask Your Boss for a Double Portion (Ask for Promotion)
8. Unbelief Cancels Your Rights (Faith vs. Unbelief)
9. Centurion Faith (Do You Have It?)
10. How Bad Do You Want It? (Asking Leads to Having)
11. Lord, Because You Say So (Will You Say "Yes, Lord?")
12. What Name Shall We Call You? (Reputation and Legacy)
13. A Careful Scrutiny (Have You Examined Your Work Lately?)
14. Don't Worry About What to Say (Listen to the Holy Spirit)
15. Commitment to Excellence (Doing Your Best or Just Enough?)
16. Hanging Out with Jesus (Talking to a Friend)
17. Your Boss Wants all of You (Give All You Have)
18. Choose Carefully (Your Choices Matter)
19. Personal Time with God (Joy and Excitement)
20. Jealousy and Envy Can Kill (Pull Up Poisonous Weeds)
21. Effective Leaders See Clearly (What Is Your Filter or Bias?)
22. God's Sprinkler System (God Pours Out His Spirit on the World)
23. God's 24-Hour Helpline (Are You Sleepless in Seattle?)
24. Going Before the Executive Committee (Be Bold, Plead Your Case)
25. Do You Aim for Perfection? (Look Up and Reach for the Stars)
26. A Loyal Employee (Can Others Count On Your Faithfulness?)
27. Your Face Is always on God's Mind (God's Tattoo)
28. Jesus Is Your High Priest (A Recommendation that Lasts for Eternity)
29. Fight the Good Fight (What Is Your Record of Wins vs. Losses?)
30. Follow Leaders Who Walk with a Limp! (The Price of Transformation)
31. Yes and Amen (Power in Agreement)
32. Jesus and Branding (Do You Wear His Brand?)
33. What Are Your Communication Goals? (Think, Say, Do)

Preface to this volume
SECTION 1: Jesus Brings Good News to Mankind

Chapter 1: The DNA and Character of Jesus

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1. The King's Arrival (A Humble Entrance for a Humble Man)
2. Counted with the Lawless (Jesus Took on the Guilt and Sins of the World)
3. Are You Ashamed? (Reject Shame and Confess Jesus as Lord)
4. Jesus Is the Cornerstone (Build Your Life on Him)
5. Hanging On to Every Word (What Are You Hanging Onto?)
6. Jesus, Our Good Shepherd (Jesus Died to Prove We Can Trust Him)
7. Jesus, Is the Separator (Jesus Is the Great Dividing Line)
8. Who Has Your Soul? (Do You Belong to Jesus or Satan?)
9. Who Is Shaping Your Thinking? (Philosophy of Death vs. Philosophy of Life)
10. You Can't See the Forest for the Trees (Jesus Is Right in Front of You)
11. God Gives Personal Invitations to Heaven (The "Eternal Life" List)
12. Father, Forgive Them (Grace and Forgiveness on the Cross)

Chapter 2: Forget Religion, Seek Intimate Relationship with Jesus

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1. Jesus Defines Family (Join Jesus as Sons and Daughters of God)
2. Held Tight in the Hands of Jesus (You're in Good Hands with Jesus)
3. Running after Jesus (Will You Run After Jesus and into His Arms?)
4. Not Just My Feet Then (Washed and Ready for Heaven)
5. Our Product Label Reads: Made by God (What Does your Label Say?)
6. The Lamb and the Lion (Jesus Offers Sacrifice and Protection)
7. Jesus Writes in the Dirt (A Love Note from Jesus)
8. I Said You Are Gods (Your True Identity)
9. One Thing I Do Know (Be Certain about Jesus and His Promises)
10. Talking to My Plants (Using My Authority in My Garden)
11. What Room Are You in God's House? (Family Room, Kitchen or Prayer Garden)
12. We Belong to the Lord (God Owns My Life)
13. Christ Became a Curse for Us (His Curse Was Our Blessing)
14. Sons and Daughters of the Owner (Family Carries Rights and Privileges)

Chapter 3: The Holy Spirit Becomes Your Helper

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1. My Teaching Is not My Own (Listening to the Holy Spirit)
2. Our Intercessor (Divine Intervention, Help and Comfort)
3. Speaker Notes from God (Only What God Tells Me to Say)
4. The Holy Spirit's Prompting (The Right Words Every Time)
5. The Blind Walk (He Will Never Lead You into a Ditch!)

SECTION TWO: What Happens When I Believe In Jesus?

Chapter 4: You Begin to Think Like God and His Word

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1. Think like a Farmer (You Will Harvest What You Plant)
2. Who Are You Listening To? (You Will Have What You Think About)
3. Honor Your Vows to the Lord (Faithfulness, Honor and Integrity)
4. Mustard Seed Faith (Your Faith May Start Small but It Will Grow)
5. Power That Radiates and Attracts (The Anointing of Jesus Moves In)
6. Rites of Passage (The Transformation Begins)
7. Citizens of Heaven (All of Heaven Welcomes You)
8. Wearing Blinders (Take Off the Blinders and See the Light)
9. Wise and Innocent (Know Good and Run from Evil)
10. When Your Wins Become Your Losses (Less of Me and More of Jesus)
11. Short and Sweet (Be Slow to Speak, but Mean What You Say)

Chapter 5: Love, Compassion and Forgiveness Move In

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1. Don't Forget Your Covering (Put on Your Coat of Love and Compassion)
2. Love Is (God is Love and He Teaches Me to be like Him)
3. Love Is Poured into our Hearts (Filled with Type "G" Blood)
4. Rooted and Grounded in Love (Love is Our Supernatural Enabler)
5. Is Your Heart full of Evil? (Check Your Heart Often)
6. Love Is all You Need (Love is Greater)
7. Love and Sacrifice (What Sacrifices Will You Make for Love?)
8. Do Not Hold this Sin Against Them (Love Leads to Forgiveness)
9. Your Love Walk Leads to Rewards or Punishment (Heaven is Love's Reward)
10. Doubt, Unbelief and Betrayal (Love Defeats Bitterness and Resentment)
11. Jesus Chose to Love Judas (Like Jesus, Choose Love)

Chapter 6: The New You Is Full of Grace and Truth

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1. Christ is Here (Jesus in Me)
2. Too Blessed to be Stressed (Public Testimony of God's Blessings and Favor)
3. The Body of Christ Meets Reality TV (Christ Started "Makeovers")
4. Spring of Living Water (Drink and Be Satisfied for Eternity)
5. Justified By Grace (Grace Changes Everything)
6. Grace Increased all the More (New Levels of Grace Every Day)
7. Greet Your Troubles with Joy (Joy Is My Welcome Mat)
8. The Word Became Flesh (Jesus, the Man Understands all I Go Through)
9. In Weakness I Am Strong (Jesus and His Divine Strength Show Up)
10. Understanding Mind and a Hearing Heart (Pray for the Wisdom of Solomon)
11. Scripture Is Fulfilled (Trust Jesus to Lead You into Your Divine Destiny)
12. Showered with Grace one after Another (Start Each Day under the Faucet of Grace)
13. Take Nothing for the Journey (All You Need is in the Name of Jesus)
14. Knowing vs. Walking in the Truth (Trust Jesus and Put the Truth to the Test)
15. Clark Kent or Mighty Man of God? (Put on Your "G-Suit" and Save the Day)

SECTION THREE: Your New Life With Jesus

Chapter 7: Surrender, Submission and Obedience

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1. We Have Heard For Ourselves (Share You Faith that Others May Hear)
2. He Asked for Permission (Humility Leads to Favor)
3. Post-it Notes from God (God Knows We Need Reminders)
4. Lessons on Obedience and Faithfulness (Listen and Obey)
5. Choose the BLUE Setting (Set Your Mind on Jesus, the Spirit and Life)
6. Playing 'Hide-N-Seek' with God (Stop Playing Childish Games)
7. The Look (His Smile is the Only Look I Seek)
8. The Lord Needs It (Do Whatever Jesus Asks You to Do)
9. Fed by Ravens (Transformation Starts with Trust)
10. Servant Leaders Give Up Their Seats (Self-Sacrifice is Lesson One)
11. Obedience in the Work Place (Be Humble and Submit)
12. The Ring and the Pig (Don't Force God to Put a Ring on You)

Chapter 8: Abundance and Stewardship

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1. My Words Are Spirit and Life (Speak Blessings and Life Not Curses and Death)
2. I Am Willing (Healing and Miracles Start with Willingness)
3. Jesus Understands Work (Ask Jesus to Teach You about Work)
4. No More Excuses (Quit Making Excuses and Walk into Your Destiny)
5. Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over (What You Give is What You Get)
6. Transformation Follows Obedience (Start By Believing)
7. You Give Them Something to Eat (Use the Name of Jesus and Perform Miracles)
8. God Sends a Talking Donkey to Save a Life (Look for God in Unexpected Places)
9. Spiritual Blessings Activate Material Blessings (Participate in the Blessing Exchange)
10. From Famine to Abundant Life (Life in Goshen)
11. Call Things that Are Not as though They Are (Confess God's Word over Your Life)
12. Job Offer Letter from God (God Created Work and Made the First Hiring Decision)
13. Tap into Your Power Source (Plug in and Get Charged)

SECTION FOUR: Jesus Teaches You How to Live With Others

Chapter 9 Live in Peace and Harmony

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1. Do You Admonish, Counsel and Instruct? (Help Others Grow in Their Faith)
2. Love is Greater (Love is All You Need)
3. Peace in Times of Economic Turmoil (Hang on to Your Peace)
4. Peace With God (The Price of Peace)
5. Sibling Jealousy and Rivalry (Choose the Better)
6. Get Some Rest (Jesus Knew When and How to Rest)
7. Peace and a Furnace of Blazing Fire (Can You Withstand the Heat?)
8. Brothers (Learning to Listen)
9. Shake the Dust Off and Move On (What Do You Need to Leave?)
10. Go and Preach the Gospel (Many Ways to Share Jesus, Some with Words)
11. Give No Thought to Your Own Interests (Replace Every "I" with "We")
12. Is the Truth Your Native Language? (Know Who You're Talking To)
13. Striving to Please (Play to an Audience of One)
14. Bless Not Curse (Imitate Jesus and Speak Blessings)
15. Is Your Dimmer Switch Reducing Your Light? (An Attitude of Gratitude)
16. Robust Faith (Can You Carry the Load for Others?)
17. Seize the Opportunity (In the Moment, Be a Sign in a Dark World)
18. You Are a Letter from Christ (Written by the Spirit on Your Heart)
19. Live by Faith in the Moment (One Day, One Step at a Time)
20. The Goal of Our Instruction (Mind, Heart and Action)

SECTION FIVE: What Does Jesus Expect of Me Now?

Chapter 10: Live in Peace and Harmony

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1. Forty Days of Tests (Satan's Temptation Comes in Our Weak Moments)
2. No Trespassing (Tell Satan You Are Not Welcome Here, You Must Leave
3. Refuse to Give Up, Cave in or Quit (Don't Walk Away from Your Divine Destiny)
4. The Dangers of Roadside Faith (Beware Spiritual Road Rage)
5. The Dangers of Rocky Faith (Finish the Race and Win the Prize)
6. The Dangers of Thorny Faith (Get Rid of Distractions and Excuses)
7. The Purpose of Tests (Tests Are Kingdom Tools to Draw You Closer to God)
8. They Were Caused to Stumble and Fall (Who Will You Believe?)
9. The Arena of Faith (Step into the Arena with Confidence and Boldness)
10. Step into the Ring and Fight! (Don't Be Afraid to Fight)
11. Irreconcilable Differences (Choose Your Relationships Carefully)
12. The Mildew of Sin (Even a Little Sin Can Be Dangerous)
13. I Am Still Standing (Standing on God's Word and His Grace)
14. Forget DEET, Put On God's Armor of Light (Jesus Protects Us against Satan's Pests)

Chapter 11: A Life of Prayer, Praise, and Worship

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1. Pray with an Attitude (Start with Thanksgiving)
2. The Power of Prayer From a Pure Heart (Be a Blessing to Others)
3. Ask in Boldness (Be Bold in Your Prayers)
4. Keep On Keeping On (Keep Believing and Trusting God)
5. Love, Ask, Believe and Receive (Send Your Prayers to God Wrapped in Love)
6. Prayer Comforts a Willing Spirit and Weak Body (The Power of Prayer)
7. Will You Pray for Me? (Be on the Alert and Pray)

Chapter 12 Rest in Confident Hope

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1. Forget Charlie's Angels (Our Protection Detail)
2. He Put Them All Out (Don't Be Afraid to put Doubters Out)
3. Complete the Work (Faithfulness Develops Character)
4. I Can't, But Jesus Can (Trust in Jesus' Faithfulness)
5. Filled with Good Things Once More (God Started the Restoration Business)
6. I Say to You, Get Up (Open Your Mouth and Speak Life)
7. Hope That Never Disappoints (Faith, Hope and Love)
8. Life Is In the Blood (The Blood of Jesus Assures Us of Victory)
9. That We Might Have Hope (God's Word is Our Source of Hope)
10. Inherited and Anointed Power (God Uses Others to Anoint You with His Power)
11. Forgetting What Lies Behind (Looking Forward, Never Back)
12. What's the One Thing I Can Pray About With You? (Pray Now Not Later)
13. Surely I Will Be With You (I Will Give You Victory)
14. With All Your Heart (Whatever You Do)

A Final World of Encouragement
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